Watch Awesome 4K Space Time Lapse Made From 109GB of NASA Images

NASA makes their images publicly-accessible for benefit of the people. The great thing about that is that sometimes someone will take those images and create something truly amazing.

That’s what Dmitry Pasanko did by gathering 95,623 images and editing it into the almost four minute 4K video you can see here. It wasn’t a simple process, however, taking one month to edit it, deflicker, stabilise, reduce noise and colour correct the images, using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. He originally created a video that was 40-minutes long, but edited it down to keep just his favourite parts in the final video.

One of the most important things of any video is sound, and Dmitry was careful to pick the right soundtrack to go with his video, taking three months to find ‘Experience’ by Ludovico Einaudi as his perfect aural accompaniment to the visuals.

Enjoy the video (remember to switch it to 4K) and follow Dmitry’s work on his blogYouTubeVimeoFacebook and Instagram,