5 Websites to get Photographic Inspiration

We all have those “I got nothin” moments, and I thought I’d put together a quick and handy list of five websites you could visit, have a little poke around over your morning coffee and see if you can’t drag some inspiration out of the corners of your mind.


1. The 500px Blog

Lots of blog posts on the blog, every few hours these days, and each of those are posts of some of the most interesting images on 500px – take some inspiration from them!

2. Proof by National Geographic

If you’re into photographing this amazing planet we all live on, Proof is a great place to look for stunning photographs and epic photo stories. Here’s an example.


“Louise,” meaning “warrior maiden” © Nashalina Schrape

3. The Big Picture

Three picture editors at The Boston Globe — Lane Turner, Leanne Burden Seidel and Lloyd Young, run The Big Picture, posting great photos often, a wider subject range than 500px and Proof, typically, but always interesting and inspiring.


4. The Impossible Cool

A less than typical photography blog, but posting some great images – some old, some new, well worth adding to your blog reader.


5. One Big Photo

Is exactly what it says on the tin – One Big Photo. Pets, landscapes, wildlife, portraits – You get something different every day.

There’s my quick list! I made it short so you wouldn’t go to sleep half way through.

I’d love to hear about any blogs you think are worth a read, any places our peers post great photographs – leave a comment, let me know!