Take 120-Megapixel Images With a Smartphone!

Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Gionee, has been teasing their Facebook followers with hints of an imminent release of an E8 smartphone (successor to the E7 pictured above) that will boast a number of modest features, one of them being the possibility to shoot 120-megapixel images.

120-Megapixel images is out of this world. Apparently.

The FCC equivalent in China – TENAA – helped to leak the specs of the phone last month, revealing that the E8 will in fact have a 23-megapixel rear camera that creates interpolated 100-megapixel images.

Gionee has also been suggesting that the E8 will have fast autofocus and “lossless zoom” (whatever that means).

Lossless zoom. Dunno what it means. A zoom that you can’t misplace?