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Featuring David “The Strobist” Hobby in our season finale, taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera (a kid’s camera) and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes

Then we give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot them all with just this cheap setup and his resourcefulness.

David’s Blog:

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Part of the “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge” series. Pro photographers from around the world take on the challenge to use one cheap camera to do a pro photo shoot. But just what will happen?

We take David to photograph: a snake master with an orgy of snakes (including cobras); bamboo bouncing noodle makers; sealing stone making; a bright yellow Lamborghini and a Shaolin Monk martial arts expert.

Special thanks to:

She Wong Lam Snakes Shop L Mr. Mak Sifu

Kwan Kee Bamboo Noobles:…

Sealing Stone DIY Studio  (Kady Fung – Local artist, founder of Sealing Stone DIY Studio(

Vibrant Car Wrap

Shaolin Kung Fu International Culture Association Lau Sifu “Shaolin Kung fu master” — student from the Shaolin kung fu 34th generation 少林三十四代弟子”


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