Taiwan Special 2/3 – Fuji Xpro1 vs Nikon D700 for Travel Photography

Taiwan Special Episode 2: In the 1st episode we got challenged to visit 7 locations in Taichung, Taiwan in 3 days or else we have to pay for our entire trip. Last time Lok was stopped in customs for importing some green phallic things into the country; I had my suitcase raided by the bloody producer and packed an HDR costume; he had a hissy fit when I cleaned out his minibar; we took some photos; had a meal in a toilet and we got set a challenge to visit 7 locations in 3 days, if we don’t complete the challenge, then our forfeit is to pay for the trip. We only managed to see one location that day, so we still have 6 locations to visit in 1 1/2 days. To make sure Lok was up nice and early, I bought him some alarm clocks to make sure he wakes up in time for day2…..

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