Canon 7D – Hardcore Durability Test

PROVEN! Canon 7D is immortal…kind of.




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We have proven it: the Canon 7D ( is immortal. Kind of. In this video, we find out how durable the Canon EOS 7D (with serial number 580516676) is by: Hitting it with a car; Dropping it down some steps on a wheelchair; Freezing it, soaking it, and setting fire to it. Find out what happens here.

Special Thanks to:


– For providing the airsoft gun and advice on airsoft stuff!

Time One Logistics Company

– For helping us with the car crash scene!

Disclaimer: Please do NOT attempt to repeat any of these tests. Always follow the manufacturer’ user instruction when using your product. DigitalRev cannot be held responsible for the damage to your equipment if any attempt is made to repeat any of these tests.

See photos taken with Canon 7D by the DigitalRev community.

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