How-to Video

How to clean your sensor (and what not to do)

We got sent a question for #askDRTV, asking whether one should use one’s breath to fog up the sensor to clean the dust off. Here’s Kai and Lok’s advice on how to clean your sensor with a wet and dry method.

Warning: cleaning your sensor could render your camera useless if you are not careful or if you don’t know what you are doing.

1. Pressurised Air is not safe for your camera! Not only that some of them spray mist, they could also blow off your sensor.

2. Some liquid solutions leave streaks that are hard to get rid off.

3. Swiping of the sensor could cause damage if you have hard dust particles on it.

4. The hair of the brush could be caught by the edge of the sensor or contaminated by the frame of the sensor or the mirror mechanism.

Disclaimer: DigitalRev TV cannot be held responsible for any damage to your camera equipment as a result of watching this video. Leave sensor cleaning to professional, and do NOT attempt to clean your camera sensor yourself.